Learn the details, procedures and methods of playing slots online

menu buttons and vocabulary that should be learned. About Online Slots Slot symbols are generally similar. The symbols in the slot image are arranged.

• spin is a button for spinning the slot reels. In order to give random images

• Auto spin is a button to spin the wheel of online slots automatically

• Line is a line that is arranged to know what kind of prize we get. Each game has a different line layout. One game may have up to 50 lines

• Line bet is the amount that we bet per 1 line, can be adjusted.

• Total bet is the total bet. The amount we play at the moment

• max bet the maximum amount or the highest line bet

• win neck The amount when the player wins

• balance is the total balance in the account.

• pay table is a button to view the details of the game, a

guide for playing slots for new players. or those who do not understand

Every slot game has a pay table rules for playing online slots. that can read and understand about that slot game The rules of the slots are very simple. Just press the spin button. to make the slot random images To match the specified game conditions, sorted by line, looking from left to right calculating that money Calculated from the symbols that line up. Each symbol has a predetermined prize value. You don’t have to waste time calculating because the game already calculates it automatically.

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